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95 L
  • rugged, long-life dustbin from hot zing-dipped steel sheet or stainless steel
  • nominal volume of 95 litres
  • corrosion resistance, indifference to temperature, and space saving features
  • particularly suits for the use in wet rooms and canteens, as well as in the chemical and food industries
waste container 95 L

120 L / 140 L / 240 L
  • handy special containers consist of galvanized sheet steel
  • nominal volume of 120 litres / 140 litres or 240 litres
  • particularly suitable for the temporary storage of oily resources and hot waste
  • can be employed for crafts business, petrol stations and where there are special safety standards for fire protection
  • fire protection fire protection certificate pdf
  • stable chassis, integrated in the lower container shaft
  • easily manoeuvrable
  • Corrosion - protected through dip - galvanizing.
  • containers are provided exclusively with galvanized steel axles out of full material and with quiet-running solid rubber tyres that are certified by DIN EN 840
  • locking bar on the container makes it a safe receptacle for waste and allows for easy emptying and re-usage
  • custom-made solutions
waste container steel 120 - 240 L

special equipment
with feed slot and locking device
  • Feed slot integrated in the cover Customized feed slot angle Cylinder lock or triangular socket
steel waste container with feed slot and locking device

with foot pedal device
  • With rubber pedal
  • Available in different colors
  • The cover opens to an angle of 50°
  • Manual extension to 90° is possible
  • Both hands stay free
  • Better hygiene
  • Shockproof and ergonomic design
steel waste container with foot pedal device

  • Customized RAL powder coating complete dustbin or cover alone
steel waste container lacquered
steel waste container lacquered

from stainless steel
  • For the use in the food industry
waste containers stainless steel

with forklift pockets
  • Easy to move even with heavy contents
steel containers with forklift pockets

with noise protection
  • Silent closing owing to the gasket in the cover
steel waste containers with noise protection

with oil drain
  • special dustbin with oil drain
steel waste containers special dustbin with oil drain
steel waste containers special dustbin with oil drain

with clip fasteners
steel waste containers with clip fasteners

with transponder
  • radio technology via RFID
  • chip technology 134HP/BDE
  • passive data carriers without any power
  • maintenance free
  • programmable
steel waste containers with transponder

trash bag holder
  • for galvanized for dustbin 120 litres, 140 litres, or 240 litres
trash bag holder

1.100 litres
  • nominal volume of 1.100 litres
  • solid container walls are connected by welded seams
  • frame of the container is made of tubular steel/ flat rolled steel
  • lid consists of hot-dipped steel sheet and It has a special grid system for half or total open lids
  • protection strip made of profiled rubber on the lid hand of the container
  • child proof lock
  • lifting trunnions or ridge bar
  • The front rollers with wheel stop
  • Special accessories with trunnion or comb clamp are possible
steel waste container 1100 L