The Company E.K.H. Plauen

In 1991 the firm was established in Saxon Vogtland, where the company headquarters is still located until today. In 2001, we were able to expand our production and logistics capacity by inaugurating a new manufacturing facility in Brandenburg. In 2019, the next expansion step took place with the foundation of a subsidiary in Serbia, which also covers our full range of services. The locations give us the necessary flexibility in production to handle especially short-term customer requests or special designs.

We are an international system supplier of wheels and axles and fire-tested steel waste containers backed up by a high-performance German production site.

Our products are manufactured on a fully automatic production line. This includes timed assembly and optical quality inspection systems based on specially designed camera technology. Of course, we also offer our customers appropriate custom-made steel axles for their final product.

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In spite of the high degree of automation, E.K.H. is always able to handle individual requests. It produces special sizes.
Our in-house tyre production contributes in no small measure to the high quality standards and allows us to offer customers the most cost-effective product possible.

A further core competence of E.K.H Plauen is the production of fire-tested steel waste containers. Leading European furnace manufacturers, for instance, take advantage of our extensive experience in this segment.

E.K.H Plauen - the specialists in waste disposal technology components.


Principal office Markneukirchen

E.K.H. Plauen GmbH
Schützenstraße 45
D - 08258 Markneukirchen

Telefon: +49 37422 405921
Fax: +49 37422 405923

Branch Spreenhagen

Branch Serbien