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Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy provides you as a user of our internet site any information to know, how, to which extent, and to which purpose we or third parties collect and use your personal information. The collection and use of your data strictly complies with the requirements of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG). We particularly feel constrained with the privacy of your personal information and therefore, we strictly work within the boundaries set by the legal requirements. The collection of your personal information is carried out on a voluntary basis, if possible. We also pass this information to third parties with your explicit consent only. In case of particularly confidential information, e.g. in payment transactions or regarding your inquiries, we care for high security using an SSL encryption. We would like to take this opportunity to point out the general risks related with the use of the internet which are not under our influence. In particular your information used in e-mails is not safe if appropriate measures are not taken and thus, might be gathered from third parties.

Disclosure, deletion, locks

You will get free of charge and at any time information about your personal information stored within our premises regarding your person, the origin, the addressee and the purpose of the data collection as well as the data processing. Furthermore, you have the right to claim the correction, the blocking or the deletion of your information. Exempt are hereby the information that are stored due to legal prescriptions or needed for correct transaction processing. Information is held available in a locked file for the purpose of checking in order to be able to lock at any time your information. We delete your information on your request if the information is not subject to compulsory archiving. We lock your information in the case it is subject to compulsory archiving. For any question related with the correction, lock or deletion of your personal information, please feel free to contact the Company data protection commissioner (see contact data in the present Privacy Policy or the address given in the Company Information).


We are using cookies in our website. These little text files are stored from our server onto your PC. They support the display of our website and help you to move within our website. Cookies collect data regarding your IP address, your browser, your operating system and your internet provider. We do not link this kind of information with your personal information; neither do we pass them to third parties. In no case we are using cookies for the purpose of installing malware or spy programs onto your PC. You can use our website also without the use of cookies, but some of the displays and offered functions might function in constricted mode only. If you wish to deactivate the cookies, please access the settings of your browser. Use the included Help function in order to do such changes. You can manage online ads cookies using these links: for USA for Europe.

Supply of services subject to a fee

Should you use the services subject to a fee and offered on our website we possibly have to collect further personal information for the purpose of invoicing and for safety reasons. This systematically will deal with your name, your valid e-mail address and, perhaps, your address and your phone number as well as some further information in some special cases. It may also deal with contents which allow us to check the data you have provided, such as the possessorship of the e-mail address you have provided. For legal reasons we must make sure that you wish indeed to receive the services offered and that we can correctly invoice you such services. In payment transactions we are working with the SSL encryption standard (identifiable by “https://” in the browser line) to make your information sure.

Collection of access data

Delivering and displaying contents through our website requires that certain information is technically gathered. By accessing our website, we or the web space provider gathers the so-called server log files. These log files do not allow determining your identity / your person. The related information includes the website name, the file name, the current date, the data volume, the web browser and its version, the OS used, the domain name of your internet provider, the referrer URL as the site from which you have accessed our site, as well as the related IP address. We are using such information for displaying and delivering our contents as well as for statistics. This information supports the provision and continuous improvement of our offer. We reserve the right to check said information later should we have the suspicion that our offer is used contrary to law.

Third party contents and services

Our website offer possibly also includes contents and services of other suppliers which complement our range of services. Google Maps maps, YouTube videos or third party graphics are an example for such offers. Calling up such services systematically requires the transmission of your IP address. Thus, these suppliers can gather and store your user IP address. We are keen to only integrate such third party suppliers which exclusively use IP addresses for supplying the contents. But we do not have an influence on which of the third party suppliers does also store the IP address. Such storage may, for example, be useful for statistical purposes. Should be become aware of third party suppliers’ storage operations, we will immediately inform our users about this. Please, also observe in this context the special privacy policies dedicated to individual third party suppliers and service providers whose services we are using on our website. They are also included in this Privacy Policy.

Personal information

We collect personal information within the context of data avoidance and data minimisation only to the extent and as long as it is required for the use of our website / regulated by law. We take the protection of your personal information seriously and strictly conform to the related compulsory descriptions and the present Privacy Policy in collecting and processing personal information. Once the purpose of the data collection falls away or the end of compulsory archiving is reached the collected information is locked or erased. Our website may systematically be used without passing personal information. If we collect personal information like your name, your address or your e-mail address, this collection is on a voluntary basis. This information is not disclosed to any third party without your explicit approval. Please, be aware that data transmission in the internet generally is not always safe. Particularly in e-mailing, the protection cannot be granted for the data exchange.

Server Log Files

Server Log Files are anonymised data collected when you access our website. This information does not allow your identification, but is technically necessary to deliver and display our contents. They furthermore are used for statistical purposes and to continuously optimise our contents. Typical log files are the access date and hour, the data volume, the browser used for access and its version, the OS used, the domain name of your provider, the site from which you have accessed our offer (referrer URL, and your IP address. Log files furthermore allow a thorough revision if there is the suspicion that our website is used contrary to law.

SSL encryption

Our website uses an SSL encryption for the transmission of confidential or personal information of our users. The encryption is activated for example for any payment transaction or your inquiry sent through our website. Please, be aware that the SSL encryption is active when you wish to do any activity. The use of the encryption is easy to identify: The browser line display changes from „http://“ to „https://“. SSL encrypted data cannot be read by third parties. Make sure that the SSL encryption is active when you wish to send your personal information. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt.

Contradiction of advertising e-mails

Within the frame of the compulsory indication of company information we must publish our contact data. This data partially is used by third parties to send unwanted advertising and information. We hereby contradict to any forwarding any kind of advertising material not explicitly authorised by us. We reserve the right to take legal measures explicitly against the unwanted and unsolicited forwarding of advertising material. This particularly concerns so called spam e-mails, spam letters and spam faxes. We point out that the unauthorised transmission of advertising material may affect competitive, civil, and penal law matters of fact. Particularly spam e-mails and spam faxes may lead to high claims for compensation if they impair the regular business operations owing to an overflow in your mailboxes or fax machines.

Facebook Plug-in

You find on our website the plug-in of the social media Facebook. The supplier of this plug-in is Facebook Inc. with its registered office in USA, California 94025, 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park. You can identify the Facebook plug-ins on our site at the Facebook logo or the “like” button. Please, also refer to the Facebook plug-ins at When you use this plug-in on our website, we establish a direct connection to the Facebook server. You are then connected to this server via your browser. Facebook has than got the information that you have visited our website with your IP address. Clicking the Facebook “like” button you link the contents of our website with your Facebook profile. For Facebook, your visit of our site can be assigned to your user account. We do not know in this context, which kind of contents is passed to Facebook and how Facebook uses them. For further information on data collection and data use, please go to the Facebook Privacy Policy at You may inhibit the assignment between your visit of our site and your Facebook profile simply by previously logging out from your Facebook account.

Use of Google AdSense

Google AdSense advertisement is embedded in our website. Google AdSense is a re-marketing function of Google Inc. It allows offering targeted, interest-based advertising to the visitors of our website. Cookies are used for this purpose. These text files stored on your computer produce information identifying you as a visitor, for example by identifying your IP address. Web Beacons are used too. These are hidden graphics used to analyse the visitor flow on a website. Google transfers all the information stated above to their servers in the USA. Google negates in this context the storage of personal information and the combination of the IP addresses with other Google services. Google Inc. is not restrained from passing the information to third parties though. You have the possibility to inhibit this re-marketing function. For the necessary settings, please go to Through the site you already are inhibiting the storage of cookies. You will get the same result by doing the relevant settings in your browser. Please have a look to the Help functions for more details. The display and the function of our website are possibly restricted without cookies. By using our web offer, you systematically agree with the fact that Google collects and processes the data as stated via re-marketing in the way as described above.

Google AdWords

With Google AdWords we are using on our website an online advertising program of the Google Inc. The conversion tracking is also used in this context. Using this tool Google AdWords places a cookie on your PC if you access our website through Google advertising. This cookie becomes void after 30 days. It is not used for personal tracking. If the cookie is still active and you are visiting our website, we together with Google can notice that you have clicked the related advertising which forwarded you to our site. Any Google AdWords client is assigned a different cookie. This way the cookies cannot be tracked via the websites of the AdWords clients. The data collected by conversion cookies are used to create conversion statistics for AdWords clients. We as the clients know such way the overall number of users who reacted to our advertising and were forwarded to a website provided with a conversion tracking tag. In this process we do not get information which allows us to identify you personally as a user. Should you decline the tracking procedure, you can deactivate the cookie of the Google conversion tracking through your internet browser. Please, use the Help function of the browser for more details, if necessary. To learn more about Google’s Privacy Policy, please go to

Use of Google Analytics

We are using on our website the web analysing service Google Analytics of Google Inc. This service uses cookies. The cookies deal with text files which, when stored on your PC, allow an analysis of your pattern of use referred to our website. The cookies produce information passed to a Google server. The servers are normally located in the USA; but they follow conventions for the use of the European Economic Area and shorten your IP address before sending it to the US. In some exceptional cases the IP address is shortened after being sent to the US only. Google evaluates the information forwarded and provides further related services for the website owners. In this case the detected IP address is not combined with other Google services. You may prohibit the storage of cookies on your PC by doing the necessary changes in your browser settings. However, this may lead to restrictions in the display and function when using our website. A browser plug-in furthermore prevents the collection and use of data produced by cookies. You can download it using the following link: Learn more about the Privacy Policy of Google and Google Analytics by visiting:, or

Google Analytics Re-marketing

We are using the Re-marketing function from Google Inc. on our website. With this function we together with Google provide our visitors with targeted and interest-based advertising. Cookies are placed on your PC during this. These are text files which recognise the user when calling up sites and thus allow an interest-based advertising in the overall Google network. Google negates in this context the storage of personal information and, according to their own statement, does not establish links to other Google services. You may prohibit Google’s re-marketing function by doing the relevant settings in: Furthermore, you can deactivate the use of cookies in or by changing the settings in your browser. Please, also use the Help function if need be. To learn more regarding Google Re-marketing and the general Privacy Policy of Google, please go to:

Google Maps Plug-in

We are using a plug-in of the Google Maps internet service on our website. The owner of Google Maps is Google Inc., with its registered office in the USA, CA 94043, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View. By using Google Maps on our website, information on the use of this website and your IP address are transferred to an US-based server and stored on this server. We do not know the exact content of the data transferred; neither do we know the use of these data by Google. The company negates in this context the connection of the data with information from other Google services and the collection of personal information. However, Google may pass the information to third parties. You prevent Google Maps from being executed by deactivating Javascript in your browser. In this case you cannot use a map on our website either. By using our website you agree with the collection and processing of information by Google Inc. as described above. To learn more about the Privacy Policy and Conditions of Use of Google Maps, please go to:

Google+ Plug-in

We are using Google + functions on our website. This social network is offered by Google Inc. with its registered office in the USA, CA 94043, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View. With Google+ you may globally publish contents through its button. You will also be offered personalised contents from Google and their partner providers. Google stores your rating (+1) regarding to contents and information of websites you have clicked when allocating +1. Your +1 rating can be displayed in other Google services together with your profile name and your photo. Google collects the totality of your 1+ activities. This collection is used to optimise and personalise the Google offer for you. To use the Google+ platform, you create a globally visible profile under a name assigned by you. The name assigned to is also used in other Google services. The person who knows your e-mail address can this way access your Google+ profile. Google uses the collected data within the frame of their Private Policy, among others, to produce statistics that are forwarded in concentrated form to partner companies or used in different way. For details on the use of data and the Privacy Policy, please go here: This is also the link to get more information about the individual privacy setting in Google+.

Twitter Plug-in

We are also using functions of the micro-blogging service Twitter on our website. Owner of Twitter is Twitter Inc. The US Company is based in the USA, San Francisco, CA 94103, 1355 Market St, Suite 900. The “tweet” function is the main function of Twitter. If you use this function through our internet site, you are linked with your Twitter account. A data exchange with other users and forwarding of data to Twitter may occur. We do not get information about the content of the data sent to Twitter; and we are not informed about the use of such data either. Please, go to to learn more about these topics. You will find there a detailed Privacy Policy of Twitter. Using this platform, you are also able to configure on your own your Privacy Policy using the link:


On our website, we are using functions of XING, a network that particularly aims at promoting the professional contacts of their members. Provider of this network is the XING AG. The company has its registered office in Dammtorstraße 29-32 in 20354 Hamburg. By calling up one of our sites which contains the XING function, a connection to the XING servers is established. We do not know if XING stores personal information. As per our knowledge XING does not evaluate IP addresses nor does it store them. For further information on the XING Privacy Policy, please go to the link: There, you will also get more information about the XING Share button.

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Plug-ins and Tools
Web Fonts of Adobe Typekit

For the consistent display of font types this site uses so called Web Fonts provided by Adobe Typekit. When a site is called up your browser loads the required Web Fonts into your browser cache in order to correctly display text and font types. For this purpose, your browser must connect with the Adobe Typekit servers. This way Adoby Typekit gets information that our website was called up through your IP address. Adobe Typekit Web Fonts are used on behalf of a consistent and appealing display of our online offers. This is a legitimate interest as defined by article 6 para 1 letter f of the GDPR. If your browser does not support Web Fonts, a standard font will be used on your PC. To learn more about Adobe Typekit Web Fonts, please go to and refer to the Adobe Typekit Privacy Policy in:

Google Web Fonts

For the consistent display of font types this site uses so called Web Fonts provided by Google. When a site is called up your browser loads the required Web Fonts into your browser cache in order to correctly display text and font types. For this purpose, your browser must connect with the Google servers. This way Google gets information that our website was called up through your IP address. Google Web Fonts are used on behalf of a consistent and appealing display of our online offers. This is a legitimate interest as defined by article 6 para 1 letter f of the GDPR. If your browser does not support Web Fonts, a standard font will be used on your PC. To learn more about Google Web Fonts, please go to and refer to the Google Privacy Policy in:

Contact provision

On our website you can get in touch with us via e-mail and/or a contact form. In this case the data entered by the user are stored for the purpose of processing its contact. The data are not disclosed to third parties. We do not compare the data collected this way with any other data possibly collected by other components of our site either.

Use of affilinet tracking cookies

We are using on our website affilinet tracking cookies for the correct collection of Sales and/or Leads. Cookies are little text files stored by your PC when you are visiting a website. The affilinet tracking cookies do not store any personal information. They rather collect the ID number of the partner acting as agent as well as the reference number of the advertising medium clicked by the website visitor. This information is needed to handle the payments between the web site owner and the advertising party. The partner ID number is used on completion of a transaction to assign the commission payable to the partner acting as agent.

You may prevent the cookies from being installed by doing the relevant settings in your browser software; but we would like to point out that in this case, you cannot use all of the functions of our website to their full extent.